Your Consumer Rights

There is more to credit than the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The law affords American consumers a number of protection statutes that can be leveraged to help you improve your credit score. These rights provide the basis for Push Financial’s service offerings.
We understand that each and every consumer is different and needs unique plans built for them. At Push Financial we aim to build you a plan that will leverage your rights as an American and help you look forward.
Since consumer protection statutes have changed and made repairing credit possible the creditors have been working to make it more complicated for consumers to understand what their rights are. Push Financial offers a wide range of services and expertise in Credit Repair for individuals and we continuously follow up with the credit agencies and stay on top of Consumer Credit Rights.

What are the most relevant consumer protection laws?

Affords consumers protection against inaccurate credit bureau records.

Designed to keep creditors in line regarding how they treat their customers.

Limits how 3rd party debt collectors treat consumers.

Other Consumer Law Resources

We are beyond just credit repair; at Push Financial we are dedicated to helping you develop a healthy and bright credit future. We are also educators and want our customers to be able to research on their own their rights as Americans. We have included links to PDF's and websites so that you can read more about the three significant Consumer Protection Laws.